METALEXPORT-S is a company specialized in supplying a wide range of military equipment, services and technology for police and armed forces as well as civilian facilities for selected industries.

In export our activities focus on selected markets, including the Middle East, North and West Africa and India, offering to our partners as well as consistently growing group of new customers, Polish and foreign equipment, technology and wide range of services.

Having begun its activities in 2004 METALEXPORT-S uses over 60 years of achievements, commercial experience and the best traditions of METALEXPORT operating since 1949, recognizable in international markets as exporter of machines, tools and production lines. Since 1980, the company has become also engaged in weapons and military equipment trade.

To ensure the highest quality of our services METALEXPORT-S collaborates with the largest and most reputable manufacturers of special equipment in the world. The emphasis is on cooperation with producers and Research and Development Centers in Poland and other countries in order to combine the latest technology with traditional equipment still used in many parts of the world.

Many years of experience, highly qualified staff and commercial presence for more than half a century in dozens of countries around the world make METALEXPORT-S a reliable and well proven business partner.

Thus, we are able to satisfy even the most sophisticated needs of existing and potential customers. Effective management and organization of METALEXPORT-S combined with the highest competence of our team and constantly developing business connections guarantee the supply of superior products and technology solutions.

We invite you to cooperate with us,